Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My body is no wonderland.

This is the reason why I hate having problems so much. Despite it give me headaches, I also gain weight ! Urgh. I have problems in handling my emotions. And when I can't handle my emotions, my body has to pay for the price.

I gain 3-fucking-kg for the past 2 months !

Teringat masa form 1 dulu, when I broke up with Syafiq. I was so frustrated and heartbroken that I ate a lot ! Like freaking a lot ! Nasi sampai 3 senduk full, tambah 2 kali. Ice-creams non-stop ! Everyday white Toblerone. And I did not exercise at all. I ate then straight to bed. At last, I gain 10-fucking-kg by the end of the year. Massive transformation !

So..can anybody tell me how to control my freaking emotion so that I can control my freaking weight ? I need therapy like A.S.A.P. I know. Someone did agree.


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