Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You win. Congrats !

I have to stop reading your blog and your status. Each time you post something about him, it kills me. This time..it buried me alive, deep down to the grave. I have a lot to say. Millions of it that could not be described with words. I have to disfollowed your blog and delete it from my list. It just kills me to read your blog.

He said he'll wait. You said one day. I know that one day is soon. Too soon too even notice. And I know you very well. You like to express every single detail of what you are feeling. Like when you were with his bestfriend, you wrote every single thing he did, what he said to you, all the sweet stuffs you guys have. Every post of it is all just about that. You can make things sound too good too be true. And I know..when you and him are together one day, you will do the exact same thing. You will be all lovey dovey about the two of you.

And honestly, I dont think I can handle it.

I might be okay to the thought of you guys being together. But I don't think I can handle all the details of it. It kills me. I repeat, it kills me. And I won't lie, I do mind.

I once asked him, if he confessed to his bestfriend about you guys, and if his bestfriend said yes he mind and is not okay with it, what will he do ? He said he's fine with it and will just move on because, let me qoute back his answers,

"kawan lagi penting dari awek. Awek boleh cari. Takkan nak hilang kawan sbb awek kan ?"

I agreed. And I'm wondering..if I said I do mind and not okay with it too, will you do the same thing ? Or it just don't matter to you that I actually mind ?

Ouh wtf ! Ada apa dengan nama ? You guys are already in love. 300 millions time eah ? Being official doesn't make any difference right ?

Please do not reply to this post. Cause I won't be reading it. Shit. Time heals everything. Give me time to heal. I know it's annoying when people menyibuk-nyibuk and you rasa tak bebas nak tulis pape in your own blog. I know, and I'm sorry. But don't worry, from now on, you can write anything you want. Please don't be bothered by me.

Hope you're happy. :)

I guess you got what you asked for Wan. You wanted your bestfriend to be with your ex cause you know he'll take a great care of her. Well. you got what you wished for. You guys always win. And I will always lose. Damn.


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