Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tag from Bilaa.

ow, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your blog, delete my answers, type on your answers and tag as many as your friends here in blog to answer this.
okeh, let's check it out guys!

If you're a guy, post this as - My Kind Of Girl.
If you're a girl, post this as - My Kind Of Guy.

Do you need him / her to be good looking?
I wont say "need"..but if he is, than it's a bonus for me.

Yes please.

Preferred age?

I have this thing for older guys. But somehow, I'm always stuck with guys with the same age or younger than me.

Preferred height?
Taller than me even when I'm wearing heels.

How about sense of humor?
I like guys who know how to cheer me up without making stupid and irrelevant jokes. And lawak lawak jugak. But when it's time to be serious, please be serious. Not everything in life can be joke around.

How about piercings?
Before kahwin boleh lah, I don't mind. But after kahwin, no way !

Accept you for who you are?
Yes. I mean even if I gain 10 pounds, or ada c-section scars, we would still make love everyday.

Pink hair?
Euw. Sooo a fashion don't !

Mushy or not?
No mushy2 please. But a lil bit of sensitivity won't kill me.

Thin or fat?
Nak yang sador !!!! Hehe.

Black, Brown or White? (skin colour).
Tan ! Kalo white than he'll be fairer than me. Takmo !

Long hair or short hair?
Anything that goes with the face.

Smells good?
I don't know why..but everytime Apa habis main bola, I like the smell of him masa tu. HAHA !

After kahwin, hell no !!

Setakat ada muscle kat tangan and sikit2 six pack sudaa.

Plays piano/bass/acoustic guitar/violin?
I don't care. But as long as he is not in a band. Ohh no.

Sings very good?
I don't care jugak. Asal suka karok !! Hehe

With glasses?
I'm not that particular sangat lah. Tak kesah pun pakai ke tak.

With braces?
OMG !! HELL YES !! I like guys with braces. Sangat mengghairahkan okayyy ??

Shy type?
No. I prefer guys yang senang nak masuk and friendly.

Rebel or good boy / girl
Good boys are boring. But taknak lah yang rebellious sangat.

Active or passive?
Active!!! Duhh.

Singer or dancer?
Dancer lahh. Singer kang dok memekak kat umah pening aku.

Hip hop?

Chill sudaa. Tak payah nak ber "culture" sangat.

Alah tomey nye..... :))

As long as he's not a geek. Loves to read, okay I;m cool with it. But nerdy2..takmo ahh.

Mr / Mrs Love Letter?

Cool ! Tapi takmo lah yang jiwang tahap cipan.

When the time is right.


As long as it is with me ONLY !

Poem writer? payah je dgn orang sastera sangat ni ?

When the situation needs to be serious only.

Ada talent. Cool !

Yes please.

Someone who like to tease people?
In a nice kind of way.

Speaks 10 languages?

HAHA. Kang dia maki hamun aku dalam bhs German ke ape tak dapek aku nak balas balik.

Loyal or Faithful?
What's the diff ? Both lahh then.

Loves children?
Definitely ! Kang jangan tau nak buat anak je tapi jaga anak takmo !



  1. phye, dye bls gune bahase german, kite balas la pakai bahase arab kite..kate uia kan..hahah

  2. hahahah. betol gak enn ? tp bhs arab bhs suci. takkan nak maki hamun gune arab kot. haha