Sunday, May 23, 2010

No more ugly duckling.

I just read Fynn Jamal's blog where she wrote about how she hate herself when she was a kid and how other people kept on teasing and mocking her physical appearance. And that reminded me of myself and some seniors in my high school.

"Badak" ! "Gloria" ! "Miss Ulu" ! "Bontot besar" ! " Hidung penyek" !

Thanks you guys. I really appreciate it. You guys succeed. I hate myself.


A few minutes ago, my daddy picked me up at LRT as I just got back from Hehey's sister's wedding. My neighbour Kipin, who I really think was damn hot, said these exact words to me,

"Hye Ija..Kau nampak cantik hari ni"

And I believed that it was a sincere compliment by looking at his sincere smile.


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