Saturday, April 24, 2010

It still hurts.

" I've been der done dat. Sanggop tak sanggop blkg cite. All dis bckstbbg kind of thg always happen in my life. Ditikam n menikam. I've seen what ppl are capable off wen it comes to hvg what dey wnt. Some r da thgs u dun evn imagine cn happen. I've been in this shit 4 SO MANY TIMES. N some of da ppl r da ones u trusted most n never expect dey wud do such thgs to u, but dey did. Dats y i kinda take it series. But if u say no, den i'll keep tellg myself da same thg. "

I knew I shouldn't have keep telling myself anything. .

p/s: I wish this SMS is still in your inbox cause it is still in my sent messages.


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