Friday, April 30, 2010

The good wife in reality.


Okay now section untuk bergosip pulak.

I just read Pika's blog yang pasal Tiger Woods tu. Turns out he did not just slept with 13 women, but 120 !!!! He confessed it himself ! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! *Hesh dah macam minah kepochi aku ni.

Gila ba** banyak okay ? Tu baru orang kata sex maniac ! I thought at first masa mula-mula kantoi he slept with 13 women tu was MAYBE because his wife was just not good in bed. I mean, like a total loser yang memang amatur gila lah kan. But 120!! So my assumption was definitely wrong ! The problem is him, not the wife. The good wife.

Eii takde kena HIV or sifilis ke mamat Woods ni ?

I used to see Mr Woods as someone who was just as nice and decent as a gentleman could be. Never imagined something like this would actually happened to him. He seriously needs help. Whatever his problem is, a few months in rehab won't be enough. He's on top of the world ! How can he let all of it slipped just like that ? You see.. betul kata orang when they say "it takes a whole life to build a carrier but only a minute to destroy it"....

Haih takutnya !


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